This spectrum displays sun rays as a fabric weaving machine. Rays from space by passing through get sorted out, explained and marked. The long gray tubes that hold the rays together, are marked with numbers. The first tube shows frequencies of rays and is marked Hz. The second grey tube shows height of ray waves in meters. After all the rays pass through the grey tubes, they are shown as waves and how bigger and smaller they are. The visible rays are represented with colorful lines, while invisible to the eye rays are colored gray. Each ray is marked by a pink object with the name of the rays on it: gamma rays, x rays, ultraviolet, visible light, infrared, terahertz, microwave and radio. Then each pink shape is connected with a thread to a bubble that explains each ray in a paragraph and show a visual example of how the rays are used or look like. The general paragraph about rays and the spectrum is located on the top right.