Arcada is a blog about fashion and style in New York City. Arcada Blog was designed to convey a unique essence of fashion in New York as well as the essence of New York itself - modern, crazy intermixed with old and traditional.

The content is divided into few categories. "PEOPLE" category is about New Yorkers -their personal stories, their history and character (where they are from, what are they doing, why are they here in the Big City). "DESIGNER" category features local designers and fashion inspired by New York. "REDESIGN" is a about the way people transform and alter clothes to suit their style. "COUTURE" is about custom made clothing. "SUSTAINABLE" is for clothing that is environmentally conscious. "SOUVENIRS" is for New York souvenirs. "NEWS/MISC" shows events, fashion news and store openings. Besides categories, the site features helpful links to fashion related websites and places to shop in New York.